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Hex Dumbbells

Rubber hex dumbbells are cheap and last well in the vast majority of gym environments. Hex dumbbells are manufactured in 2 main ways:

By pressing a cast iron bell on to each end of a steel dumbbell handle using a large high pressure press - this method is the cheapest but offers no security against the bell coming loose.

By placing the cast steel bell over a threaded handle, tightening a large nut, then welding the nut in place. The rubber coating is then moulded over the top of the bell and nut. This offers far greater security against the bell falling off.

CYBERFIT rubber hex dumbbells are manufactured using the latter manufacturing technique. We also ensure we only use high quality rubber to ensure the surface finish is not only low in odour, but won't dry out or split after a few years of use.

Browse our selection of rubber hex dumbbells for sale via our Sydney showroom or buy online. If you're looking for a hex dumbbell set with rack we have plenty of options to suit, as well as a custom dumbbell set configuration tool, so you can choose the exact sizes you need, plus a dumbbell rack to suit. We ship hex dumbbells Australia wide at competitive prices!

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