Fitness Equipment FAQ


How long have you been in business?

Starting out in a garage in Sydney Australia in 2004, we now have a US distribution hub. We are passionate about designing and supplying fitness equipment to help you meet your fitness goals today, and to continue doing so long in to the future.

Do you have a showroom?

We don't have a US showroom as yet, but we have a US distribution centre that can handle all of our shipping and returns. We have an Australian showroom where we take many of our product pics and videos. We ship from our US warehouse based in Tennessee, we can also handle returns and warranty claims from or back office in Australia.

What Gym Equipment Should I Get For Strength Training?

When creating a home gym the most important things to consider are the type of training you'll be doing, and the available space. For strength training with free weights, a squat rack or power cage plus a bench is ideal. This set up allows you to perform the main barbell lifts i.e. bench press, squats and deadlifts in complete safety. Other lifts including pull ups, military press, bent over rows can also be done on the rack. This set up also allows for a lat pulldown and seated row station to be bolted on to the back of the cage. This adds a wide range of cable exercises which are great for isolating muscle groups for increased strength and development. We also offer a versatile Smith machine, half rack and functional trainer in a single unit. This offers all of the major lifts plus cable exercises and combines both free weight and machine movements, which adds a lot more variety to your training.

I need a functional training set up, what equipment should I get?

Equipment which allows you to perform multi joint movements and involve as many muscle groups as possible is best. Kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting sets, battle ropes, plyometric boxes, slam balls are examples of equipment designed to train all of the major muscle groups. Those muscle groups including the arms, shoulders, back, core and legs are exercised together, making functional training a very efficient way of doing a total body workout in a short amount of time. Great gains in cardio vascular fitness can also be made by undertaking a functional training program.

I mainly want to get fit and lose some weight. What gear do I need?

We recommend cardio and boxing equipment for improving fitness and overall health and well being. Treadmills are great if you want to run or walk inside your home, upright and recumbent exercise bikes are perfect if you need zero impact training solution or have any joint issues, rowers are also low impact and train 90% of your muscle groups, and elliptical trainers are great for toning the lower body while increasing fitness. All of these training options will help lower your resting heart rate, blood pressure and of course shed those unwanted kilos! If you're looking to achieve an elite level of fitness we have plenty of options, including air bikes, boxing equipment, skipping ropes water grinders and ski ergs.

Can I customise the weight plates in a weights set?

Yes when you purchase any of our cast or rubber coated Olympic weight sets you have the option to choose the exact breakdown of weight plates that you need. Its also possible to change the Olympic barbell to a shorter or lighter bar if needed.

Can I put together a custom equipment package?

We are able to offer volume discounts when you purchase a gym equipment package. Just email us with your requirements and we’ll create a package deal just for you at a great price!

Are there discounts for gym owners or resellers?

Yes we provide volume pricing to resellers and gym owners. Simply set up an account online and we’ll contact you once approved.

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