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Dumbbells allow you target a wide range of muscle groups, making them useful in strength training programs, physique development and conditioning. They come in a variety of weights, making it easy to select the right size for whatever lift you're doing. From chest press to lateral raises, bent over rows to lunges, the dumbbell is a versatile piece of equipment that deserves a place in your gym.

-For toning and shaping without bulking up 1-10kg are good sizes. They’re also great for rehab work, where a physio therapist may prescribe certain resistance training exercises to help strengthen specific muscle groups.

-For strength training or physique development the 5kg to 25kg weight range works well. More advanced trainers will tend to lift up to 40kg, and body builders and power lifters 50kg and beyond.

-For functional training the types of exercises are a little different, more focused on including core work and engaging multiple muscle groups, rather than isolating any one muscle group. So lifts including one arm press and renegade rows are popular. Advanced trainers may even perform pistol squats (one legged squats) while holding a hex dumbbell for stability and extra resistance.

In crossfit competition 15kg and 22.5kg sizes have traditionally been used, with 5kg, 10kg also being used in senior and kids divisions.

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