We often get asked how to best lay flooring for a gym or home gym. We've come up with a short list of tips and tricks to help you get a great result with minimal effort.

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In the world of Olympic lifting we've got plenty of options when shopping for a bar. Heres a short list of things to look out before before parting with your hard earned cash.
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If you've been visiting the gym for a while you'll know that there are a few pieces of gym equipment that people are always lining up for. One of the main offenders is the flat press bench, and another is the squat rack, or power rack. Power racks are popular because they offer a wide range of training options. At first glance people figure the power rack can handle a fair chunk of their heavy lower body training e.g. squats, good mornings. What many people take a while to realize is that they can also throw out their press bench and chinup bar and do all of their heavy barbell training in the power rack. All the humble squat rack / power rack needs to be a complete training system is a dumbbell bench. Even a flat bench worth $115 will do! With the addition of the bench and a weight set your power rack has just become the most important piece of free weights training equipment you'll ever need to buy.

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Buy quality gym equipment online and enjoy Australia-wide delivery with Cyberfit Having supplied the Australian fitness market since 2004, Cyberfit is the store to trust when you’re interested in buying gym equipment online. Committed to quality and affordability, we aim to exceed your expectations each and every time you buy from us. Based in Sydney with Australia-wide delivery, we supply a premium range of gym equipment for sale online including:

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