Bumper Plates

Olympic bumper plates are essential for weight lifting, cross training, and are also useful for powerlifting due to the 450mm diameter. CYBERFIT ECO bumpers are no thicker than 60mm, meaning you can fit plenty of them on the bar. Deadlifters lifting beyond 140kg really appreciate the thinner profile of the plate. This is achieved using a higher density rubber compound, which is also more durable. 

Our ELITE bumpers step it up another notch, being manufactured with an exclusive lab tested rubber compound. We test shear stress, tensile stress and measure hardness to ensure our ELITE bumper plates use only the most durable, non deforming rubber. Alloy steel hubs are precision machined, and fastened together with 5x stainless steel M8 screws, with Locktite to ensure they don't come loose. We then test our bumper plates to 65,000 cycles / drops. CYBERFIT ELITE bumpers are conservatively rated to 30,000 cycles, so you can be sure they will outlast even the most expensive brands on the market.

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