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Olympic Barbells

An Olympic barbell has some distinct advantages over the traditional standard bar.

Firstly, Olympic barbells have end sleeves that rotate independently, so the lifter can perform overhead lifts and the weight plates don't start rotating. This is the same when doing bicep curls, the weights remain stationary, without starting to spin. This reduces friction and makes the lift far more comfortable on the wrists as there is no inertia being transferred to that joint. This reduced friction can also make the difference between making and not making the lift. In the world of Olympic lifting and functional training, that reduced friction makes for bigger numbers!

Secondly, Olympic bars are inherently safer in that each end has the weight of the end sleeve on it, even when the barbell is completely unloaded. So unloading weights is a whole lot safer as you can leave some weight on one end (within reason) and completely unload the other end. If you tried doing this with a Standard barbell there is a good chance it will flip up in the air, violently catapulting over itself.

Cyberfit supplies everything you need to start out with Olympic weight lifting, conditioning, strength training and physique development. You won't regret the decision to switch to Olympic plates and bars!

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