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Weight Benches

Cyberfit weight benches are designed with long term use in mind. We supply benches that are built to last and come with a lifetime frame guarantee. So what type of gym bench is right for you?

If you're in to functional training, you probably won't be doing a whole lot of incline press or seated military press. In that case we recommend selecting a flat bench. 

For powerlifting, although the flat chest press is the staple exercise and the one that is measured in competition, many lifters now utilise incline dumbbell press and even incline barbell press to help improve strength in the front delts. This is a good application for the adjustable incline bench. This type of weight bench also allows trainers to add in exercises like one arm preacher curls over the back of the main pad while its angled. No need to buy a preacher bench if you aren't doing a heap of preacher curls!

In the world of physique development its all about isolation. Sure the big multi joint lifts are going to overload the central nervous system and generate optimal testosterone production within the body, but the development of individual muscle groups must also include training of those muscle groups in isolation. Hence, upper chest development just won't happen on a flat press bench! Inclines are going to be essential, using a barbell, dumbbells, flyes, cables, and generally giving that upper pec muscle group some serious pump and burn! So in this instance an adjustable bench that goes from flat to incline with multiple angle options will be an essential ingredient in your future physique building success. Some trainers will also get a great benefit from decline press, so thats an option you may want to consider if declines work for you.

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